Transition’s first meeting of the New Year will be this Monday, January 12, at 7:30, at the Kalamazoo Friends Meeting house, 508 Denner St., Kalamazoo. We will be very glad to see you all there. We have quite a bit to cover:
1. Content and format for the web site (Tom, Ruth, Gretchen, Derek, everybody)

2. Getting the New Year under way with our working groups:

Waste: ban the single-use plastic-bag project—Nicky

Go to to download a very useful guide and tool kit on how to conduct a campaign on banning single-use plastic bags There were only a few of us attending the Students for Sustainable Earth showing of Bag It! Bad timing: Friday of finals week. But Bruce Howe, co-chair of SSE, is enthusiastic and wants to schedule another showing early this winter. We showed Bag It! at the Sambodh ashram’s New Year’s celebration. Good response.

Food: cooperating with other working groups and projects—Rachelle See calendar below for film showing of Many Hands, Feb. 10. See also Rachelle’s article in the latest issue of PFC’s Coop Scoop.
Transportation: exploring possibilities—Jim Ferner Possible collaboration with the Transportation working group of KCCC (which is, so far, only one person)

Education: how might we move forward?—Corinna

Energy and Permaculture—Tomme How might we cooperate with the Energy Efficiency working group of Kalamazoo Climate Change Coalition, which is generating an educational brochure and videos?


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